Venue Reviews

The Living Room - Dunedin

The Living Room on Main. - (Dunedin) March 2014. We were pleasantly surprised to see there were cool surroundings inside and outside. The music could be heard as you approached from the street. The Venue was bigger than anticipated. There was a nice sized bar and as the name implies some comfort seating scattered throughout . The servers were friendly and the music was very good . We would characterize The Living Room as upscale and a place we would visit again. Our compliments to the mgmt.

Cricketer's British Pub & Restaurant - Dunedin

Cricketer's British Pub & Restaurant. - (Dunedin) March 2014. A nice sized British styled Pub establishment with all that comes with it. There is a good size oval bar, tables and booths. Definitely a favorite of the Locals, due to it's favorable location with plenty of parking. Live music is played some nights during the week and on the weekends. ( Check event calendars ). The band that played the night we were there was enjoyable and fun. The icing on the cake was the excellent food. Nice and Hot and tasty. We think that this a place worth checking out.

Jack Willie's Bar Grill & Tiki - Oldsmar

Jack Willie's Bar Grill & Tiki. (Oldsmar ) March 2014. This Live music Venue is located off the beaten path & right on the canal . A smaller venue with a local crowd. Some cool custom Motorcycles were parked out front and a casual crowd filled up the outside deck. The inside seating was nice with lots of wood decor. The young lady behind the inside bar was very kind. There is an outside covered stage for the Musicians facing the large Tiki Bar. Live music is scheduled on Fri, Sat, and Sundays. If you want cold beer & a relaxed atmosphere, this is a place for you to visit.

Twisted Martini - Clearwater

Twisted Martini. (Clearwater ) March 2014. This Live music Venue is in an upscale Commercial Plaza near Largo area. It was quite big with a band sized stage and large dance floor. There was a mixed age crowd, with different styles of dress. Lots of cool lighting and high profile tables on the main floor. The Martini Bar ran along one side of the club and private tables were on the other side. The Band was a very good dance band with lots of energy . There is a restaurant in the next room with a menu ranging from Burgers to Steaks. Definitely a cool place for your circle of friends to come and have some fun.

The Brown Boxer- Countryside

The Brown Boxer (Countryside) March 2014. This is a large Sports Fan Venue. There are 3 levels of Seating. The main area is the oval bar area. There are more tables on the lower and upper levels. The musician area is just off to the side of the main entrance. If there is a big game on , the customers are not there for the music. There is no dance floor. For Sports and Music as an add on, this is a place to visit.

The Hideaway  - Clearwater

The Hideaway (Clearwater) March 2014. A smaller sized music venue with a unique style of its own. This is a Bar with patio seating, pool tables and dance floor area. A younger crowd that was out to have a good time. The band was pretty good and service was very good behind the bar. This is a cool place to spend time with a friend or two. We would go back again .

Yard of Ale Gastro Pub - Clearwater

Yard of Ale Gastro Pub (Clearwater) April 2014. A large multi functional Venue. Live music on the outside bar deck. There is a Dj and dance floor inside the building as well as flat screens for sports. The restaurant serves up American Cuisine. There is a good mix of people creating an atmosphere of excitement and fun. Yard of Ale Gastro Pub also caters private parties, Banquets, etc. There are lots of Rustic surroundings, levels and outside decks with a view. Surely worth a look , if you haven't experienced this unique venue.

Jimmy's Crows Nest - Clearwater Beach

Jimmy's Crows Nest (Clearwater Beach) April 2014. This cool Venue is a 10th floor roof top Full bar. It is open air with a 3 way Vantage point of Clearwater Bch, including the Gulf of Mexico, the main thoroughfare & the Marina. It's not great big, but ample size for a solo artist or small band to perform. There are tables lining the railings & a complete walk around bar. There was a mixed crowd of mostly young couples and tourists. It was a memorable place to have a drink & take in the sunsets. We would visit them again sometime.

The Lookout at Hooters on Clearwater Beach

The Lookout at Hooters on Clearwater Beach April 2014. This open air Venue is 3 stories up and has a full bar along with the usual Hooters decor. There are great views of the Beach , high profile tables , as well as living room styled seating. The crowd was enjoying the space as well as the solo artist that was playing that night. Sounds of the weekend crowds and traffic below were evident from time to time. There were fireworks across the street that night, also. The servers were pretty and attentive. We enjoyed this unique Hooters location & will return again.

The Brown Boxer on Clearwater Beach

The Brown Boxer on Clearwater Beach April 2014. This Live Music Venue was a pleasant surprise from the start. First, its size is deceiving from the outside, it was bigger than anticipated. The Decor was club type with an interesting layout inside. There was a full band playing & the mix of beach goers, young people, locals, & vacationers were a hit with us. There are 2 Full bars & lots of servers. There is also, seating outside by the street. The Saturday night that we joined in the fun was pretty electric to say the least. This place is definitely a must visit for a cool night out with a good looking crowd.

The House of Beer

The House of Beer August 2014. A Local Hangout for Palm Harbor crowds. Touting 50 taps of micro brews plus imported bottled beer. This a smaller venue with a large bar, some high tables and chairs in one room with a dance floor and bandstand in the other. It was a happy and friendly crowd. A good mix of people were there and the music was very good. The HOB is located in a well lit shopping mall with plenty of parking. If you are looking for a cold beer we recommend that you give it a try.

The World of Beer ( WOB )  Westchase

The World of Beer ( WOB ) Westchase (September 2014) This Live Music Venue was unique because the Band was up on the 2nd level overlooking the main bar. There is basically three areas of seating inside w/ an outside veranda area to choose from. The Venue is true to it's name, in that, you can choose from a menu of beer types from around the world. There was a good crowd of mostly younger people on this Saturday night. The bartenders were swift and helpful. We recommend this as a place to come to for a memorable night out.

Musician / Band Reviews

Daryal Kafkasso & Co

Daryal Kafkasso & Co. - (March 2014) - This 3 piece group is a unique instrumental band. There music is interesting, soothing, a welcome change of pace from other artists. There presence in an upscale venue is a very good fit. We enjoyed their music which is described as Flamingo in style . We would be glad to see this very impressive group again.

The Duppies

The Duppies - (March 2014) - This group of artists are a good mix of talents. They are a good choice for a venue looking to get the crowd going. They play upbeat and fun music. The musicians in this group have a great time while performing and make a good effort to interact with the crowd. A venue with dancing and a pub or party like atmosphere would be a good choice for this group. We would recommend this group for our readers.

Ooh La la

Ooh La la - (March 2014) - This popular group already travels the Tampa Bay circuit, which is no surprise considering the way they carry themselves on stage. They are a large stage band with good sound and a driving beat. There classic song choices are great for dancing and a party atmosphere. The musicians are interesting to watch and give a good show for the crowd. There are two female singers and two backup male singers. We enjoyed the show and would see them again.

The Betty Fox Band

The Betty Fox Band - (August 2014) - A Blues band with Betty Fox as the lead singer. She has high energy and loves to connect with the crowd. We see this band playing all around our area at different venues. The band had a very good jazz beat, a good lead guitar, and a Joplin type blues voice coming at you, in Betty Fox. A fun group to see, we would recommend you catch them when you can. If you like hard hitting blues, this is a good fit for you. Enjoy.

Velvet Jones Band

Velvet Jones Band - (September 2014) - This Rock Band has a hard hitting driving beat that lasts throughout all of their song sets. They play many of the popular hits such as Turn the Page, Last Dance w/ Mary Jane, Sweet Home Alabama, etc. The lead singer has a raspy power sound and the Lead guitar riffs seemed effortless. This is a solid band to listen to. We enjoyed it and would see them again. A few of the younger crowd didn't get it, but in time they will.

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